Outside the Box, with Sheldon Neil is Canada’s Christian leading voice in Faith, Culture and Lifestyle for the next generation.”
The program is a Crossroads produced 30-minute weekly television program, and digital content producer.
Our mission is to create media that bridges Christ to the world.

We talk to leaders and newsmakers in and outside the world of faith to explore and create media revealing how God is at work in the stories, and issues that affect viewers every day.

Journalist and host Sheldon Neil delivers media presented in a slick, in-depth and fast pace format, curating peoples’ spiritual experiences in the topical lifestyle occurrences of the day.

The program is produced from offices located in Burlington, Ontario.

The media format includes one-on-one interviews, panels covering the latest in Faith and Culture and in-studio musical performances from faith-based top-shelf artists. The program also includes weekly submissions from the Outside the Box – Citizen Journalists, who submit 1min digital pieces, revealing how God’s love and character is at work in the communities they live in.

Each week on Outside the Box, with Sheldon Neil, God’s love and truth is explored in a fast-paced half-hour program, bringing together smart and sharp conversations with top movers and shakers, while getting viewers encouraged and lifted by powerful current and upcoming music artists in faith-based entertainment. The show is geared to a 40 and under audience.


Outside the box with sheldon Neiil